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I believe it is important in this industry to always be learning and growing as an artist and as a person.  Part of doing that is challenging yourself to be the best you can be. I have found that print competitions are a great way to continue learning and improving your craft. In 2016 I earned my Certified Professional Photographer designation and I am currently working toward my Master of Photography (M.Photog.) degree with the Professional Photographers of America. To find out more about the Certified Professional Photographer designation, check out my journey on the Blog Here. My photography continues to evolve and improve as I take advantage of many different educational resources and test my skills in local, district, and international print competitions. Scroll down to see my award-winning images!

2018 Bronze Medalist

What does that mean?


The PPA holds an International Photographic Competition every year. Bronze Medalists are those that have had all four images submitted by the photographer accepted into PPA's General Collection.

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